Your content is your portfolio that never sleeps

👉 Earned Media: you have to earn the respect of earned media: Journalists, Podcasts, Bloggers, Vloggers

👉 It is based on relationships with the gatekeeper

👉 Create your own content because people will check out your name;

👉 Good content introduces you before you even get a call;

Tai Tran is a Forbes contributor, worked for Apple, and is the head of marketing of the Saas company Matter. He is also co-founder and president of the Close the Gap foundation which helps low-income students reach their fullest potential and live a fulfilling life.

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Yeah, so absolutely. There's no guarantee when it comes to like when it comes to earned media, just like the word earned means you have to earn their respect and trust. Right?

You may if you have a big budget, work with a very established pr agency, then a lot of that stuff is going to be established on your behave, right? That's why that you do work with an agency because they have those prior relationship right when it comes to earned media is that it is gonna be based on those relationship, but I think it's, of course, like if you're a bigger brand, you will have that cachet in the budget to find those press releases that you need but say that you're an entrepreneur is one of the best things you mentioned already yakup is to create your own content because when you message someone, they don't just take your words that you who you are, right. They kind of probe around your LinkedIn on your website on your blog and see like they'll check out, like, see, like, who is this person that I don't know yet, right? And is this someone I want? To give a chance to is if someone I even wanna talk to write and your content marketing is kind of like I would say, it's like your portfolio that never sleeps.

It just sits there and it pays in dividends, right? It does. It's kind of like that if you think about investing in yourself content marketing. Exactly. That is kind of like in you diversify, you invest in your content, and every now and then someone stumbles upon your website because they saw your LinkedIn or maybe they search on google on a topic and they stumble on your blog. And now all of a sudden they know who you are, and that leads them to a good conversation, right? So I think content marketing kind of like it's like those, words and kind of like, kind of it introduces you before you even get on a call, right? And so I think that's really important to establish.

And I think that for the people that did respond back to me back then in 2015 regarding like the Forbes contributor, they probably read my pieces to they're like, oh, this sounds, you know, interesting. I could see this appearing on Forbes.

And if I had nothing to show them, they probably would have not 100% knew who I was and even picked up a call, right? Exactly. So because there's also something that I got from clients. So how do I get thousands of followers yeah, you have to start creating content.

It's not like it's like you don't you can't have followers if you don't create content and publish things. So you have first publish and create, and then people will come to you.

That's it basically yeah.

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