Why selling means helping people

👉 Be more scared about being broke

👉 Learn to skill! What is the source of your fear?

👉 Create an offer in order to help them!

👉 Selling means helping other people

👉 Most of the time we are afraid that people don’t buy

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I have many conversations where people are very scared of selling. So what? What do you suggest to entrepreneurs who think of selling not as a good thing? Maybe they're scared. What lessons do you give these people?

Well, if you're scared of selling, you should be more scared of going hungry and being broke. Okay, so that will help you get over selling first.

You know, because if you are broke and destitute and have no food, I guarantee you're gonna sell something, or you're gonna beg for something, right? So you wanna avoid that?

So learn to sell, because the first thing you have to think about is what's the source of your field? Why why? Why do you feel selling? Not saying you when I say that.

Listen, you know, figure out what the source of that is and figure out how to deal with it. Then keep your perspective okay, because I had a problem getting on stage and asking for money, right? I had that problem.

Then, you know, I had this paradigm shift because it was like would get off stage and didn't make an offer right.

And then people would ask me, follow me like, oh, john, you know, that was great.

Do you know? How can I how can you help me? How can I need this? This is so good. And I was like, okay, well, you know, I'm leaving people hanging by not having an offer, you know, it's like all of a sudden, I couldn't help those people because I didn't make sure that I had an offer to help the people.

And that's when you're talking about, you know, just regular, you know, when you're selling information or what you know, so that's one way.

But I mean, even if you've got a product that can save someone's life, that could make them look better, make them feel better about themselves.

Why won't you help those people? See, that's a paradigm shift. I have to tell you about my product. I'm not helping you. So it's not selling.

It's helping, right? But that's totally a paradigm shift. And then once you get in there, just do it. Just get out there and let somebody slam a door in your face.

Who cares? You will recognize after that happens when the first person tells, you know, you realize, oh, my god, life didn't end for me right there, you know?

And most of the time we're not afraid to sell. We're afraid of people not buying or telling us they're not interested or you're full of crap. Who cares what they think to move onto the next one.

The world's full of people that need what you have, so if that person doesn't want it, just move on to the next.

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