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I just came up with this wording for it on Friday. But, you know, on that whole theme of you can bond through shared vulnerability.

There was. Did you go away to another city for your university? Or did you stay in the same city? Another city and I also went to another country to china.

Okay, so yeah, kind of far. So you know, never in your life do you ever repeat the feeling of the first couple of weeks of the first year of college.

Because you're you're never again in this situation where everybody, it's new, everything is new to everybody at the same time and you have a blank slate.

Covid is the first month of freshman year of college. Like everybody got, everybody got rocked. So like every everybody got put on. Like, how do I do this now that the chamber of commerce just now so I you know, like everybody had the same feeling it leveled everybody.

And because of that, this has been the best year ever to create a relationship right to like to reinvent yourself to, to go out there and and and level up or get to know something a little bit better. Like I just I really think that man yes. And the podcast is a fantastic way to do this because I have one question that I always ask my interview partners. And this is who do you recommend for my podcast?

And this is so powerful because it i'm getting into the network of geniuses. That's really what it is. Because I would never meet these people when I don't ask this question. So it is a very important question.

And I mean, this is the reason why we're speaking now. Yeah. Yeah. And also interviewing these people who are geniuses in there.

It's like interviewing the avenger's team. Really! Because I mean you have. Yeah. I mean, when you have one hour with iron man, what would you ask him?

Yeah, I mean, it doesn't it's also important what you ask him. But you will get some power from him. You will.

You will learn new skills or the way you think will change. And this already helps you to grow

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