Why Gary Vee is so successful!

Beck Power, the host of the Amplify Content podcast, interviewed me about content marketing and how to build trust in a digital world. You can watch a short video snippet from our conversation.

👉 It is not only about quantity; it is all about quantity AND quality!

👉 Gary is constantly liking sharing, and commenting on comments! That’s the reason why people love him so much

👉 He created a valuable PDF about how to create 64 pieces of content a day; you can find the link in the comment section;

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Here is the link to this amazing PDF from Gary Vee:


Yeah, I absolutely agree with that. And I think in terms of content as well, I said this on another podcast. You know, if you're creating one piece of content, whether it's a video or whatever, every week, then you have at the end of the year, 52 videos and you had some practice. It's great.

But if you create, you know, three videos a week, you know, or try to do a thing where you do it once every day.

Not, only are you building your skill. You know, you're doing three times more. You're getting three times more pieces of content. You're building your skill.

And you know, if you're posting every day on any platform, it's gonna love you. You know your algorithms are gonna love you. You're gonna get tons of traction, followers, clients, whatever you are looking for.

A lot of times, the more you post, the more successful you are on different platforms like Gary Vee says to post, like 40 or 50 times a day, sometimes on different platforms.

I don't know if I agree with that. That feels excessive to me. What do you think? So Gary has, I mean he polarizes people that's for sure.

But I like him and I also respect him within the industry because he's a, in my opinion, one of the big, big guys.

And I also read this pdf that you mean where he explains how to create? I think 64 pieces of content each day. Yeah, so I think, well, I mean, when you're starting and somebody gives you this you will be overwhelmed.

So I think when you like people like us, it's I think we have to check it and challenge this. And in my opinion, there are many parts which I think are very, very good.

For example, he doesn't say that only quantity is the most important thing. But he posts and then he watches what is happening?

So this is something that many people miss. They just push. They push their content but they don't they don't like when people are commenting on their posts.

So I always like the people who comment on my post on Linkedin and I also thank them and then I mention their name. So I think this is something that many people forget that it is not only posting, but also what's happening after the post.

So are you getting in contact or in communication with the people? So this is something that Gary is doing very well. He's liking it or sharing it or answering the comments.

So he's not only saying you have to push and post as much as possible, but you also have to look at what is working and can I work on a specific topic?

Because, for example, how to raise your children? This was never a topic for him, but he realized that many of his younger users, this is a topic for them.

So they are asking about their parents' questions and he started to post about this topic also so he is getting information from his community reacting and creating new posts. So that's the reason why the people love him so much.

I think that's very smart

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