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💬 💬 In the first chat, we spoke about content, networking, and the relationship flywheel! Check it out! 💬 💬

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100% I could not agree more, I think another thing will probably agree with is that doing it through content makes it really, really scalable.

Right? Like that. You know, I came to content just because I’ve always wanted to be best friends with everybody I could meet. And I just want friends.

So so to me, to me, you know, like using content to scale my ability to be likable, to make a relationship with someone, or introduce somebody to somebody else.

Is why you know, it's you know why I’ve made it, you know, core part of my life, right? Like its relationship.

It's like building trust through the content that you create and this the value. This is the currency that we need to need to need to give in order to deliver our message and our products also and our service. Yeah, I like that.

I'm gonna cut that out. Little micro piece of content. Its's content is the currency. Say it again. Well, this is just a one-shot. That's okay. Okay, okay, okay. I'll break it down.

You know, the currency that you have to acquire relationships is the value that you can create for others, and if you could make it into content, those pieces of content become the currency.

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