What is social selling?

👉 Social is just the platform to use

👉 Selling is just selling! Social selling is a technology switch on an old school topic

👉 Sales are always social interactions

👉 Social selling is leveraging technology for generating transactions

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So when it comes to this topic of social selling. So there are many definitions. What is your? What is your definition of social selling?

Well, see, here's the thing. People get three words or forwards, kind of. They think they're all the same thing.

So you've got social media, social networking, social marketing, right and social selling or social commerce, which I like to call it right.

But the thing is, they use those words interchangeably, and they're not. If you take off the thing that's common on all of them, you just take off social.

Then you get left with the media, networking, marketing, and selling. And those things are completely different things. Social is just the platform that we use. Selling is just selling right.

So social selling is a technology twist on an old school thing, right? Sales have always been social. I don't know anywhere. Well, maybe if you walk up to a machine when you buy a coke out of the machine, that's about the only time I think it's not social.

Anytime somebody's on the other end of that transaction, it's a social interaction, so social selling is all about, you know, leveraging your social interaction for the transaction.

Like that, absolutely so because we're not. Because, quote on quote, I don't have a business or I don't know how to make business.

Business means just interaction between two people because people are making business with people. That's basically what is the most important thing about selling.

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