Three ways to find content topics

One important thing to reach journalists and the media is to create content on a regular basis. Content Marketing is very important because it gives journalists an idea of what they are going to write about. One question that always comes is how to come up with content ideas? So here are three ideas on how everybody can create content and deliver value.

Creating Content means solving problems

This is important to understand because many people think about Content Marketing as business communication as usual. It is not! Content Marketing means that you're really solving problems of your audience and/or your customers. It is not about promoting products or branding your company, it is about giving value for free. This is important to understand. What are the main struggles of your audience? What problems do they have? If you don't know it is time to ask. Create a survey ( and ask your audience about their main struggle and try to help them with your content.

Read Amazon reviews, Facebook comments, and Quora

We really live in great times because it was never easier to get in touch with your audience for almost no penny. The only thing you have to invest is your time. Go to Amazon and check products f.e. books about your topic and read the reviews. Especially the one-star-reviews are interesting for you. Attend relevant Facebook groups and read the questions and the struggles that people have. Quora, which is a website where people can ask questions, is also a good place for your research. Look for questions that people have and answer them.

Value means giving without expecting

This really sounds counter-intuitive but really give value without expecting something in return. For many people, the RoI (Return on Investment) for Content Marketing is almost zero, but on the internet the real currency is attention. First, you get the attention, then they will remember and follow you. Therefore make sure that you give a lot of value upfront.

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