Trends in digital marketing

👉 Building community becomes more and more important

👉 Having real writers; authentic voices from the CEO

👉 Journalists are becoming “influencer” and hosting their own newsletter

Tai Tran is a Forbes contributor, worked for Apple, and is the head of marketing of the Saas company Matter. He is also co-founder and president of the Close the Gap foundation which helps low-income students reach their fullest potential and live a fulfilling life.

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So you as head of marketing. You're also looking for trends and I'm sure checking all-new tools and things. Do you have a structure or no other questions?

What trends do you see when it comes to marketing to digital marketing? Yes, I think when it comes to digital marketing, this might be a little more like away from, like your traditional like SEO, SEM, and digital display. But I think there's a huge emphasis around two things. One is building community, but also two is, having real writers your CEO writing something or someone that is actually writing content. It's not just from a content marketing person, right?

It's really important. Authentic voices. I've been noticing that if you one trend that I've noticed in like pr and marketing is that there's a lot of journalists who have been in the traditional newsroom, they have now left those jobs to start their own newsletter now.

And that's possible because of like, a platform like subtech that allows you to have paid subscription right. Some of these writers realized that the readers for following the newsletter like that the newspaper, not because of the big title of the newsroom is because of the writers right? And they can actually be kind of like thinking about journalists are now becoming their own influencers, right? And the newsletter is now another platform that, it's like what used to be very, I think in 2000 when you hear newsletter, you might think like, what? Another newsletter.

But now it's back in now people love the newsletter, and I think the reason why people love newsletter is not because it's spamy anymore is that, oh, it's written by people that I want to hear from.

But also they understand that my time is limited, so they're not going to give me content that is bloated. Is important content, right? And so I think community and authentic voices are now coming bubbling up as something that more startups and companies should care about.

You can't buy community for me is that you might be able to, like, maybe higher a pr agency and they might have a relationship that can help you get press right?

But a community is kind of hard to embed yourself inside. Some of these communities and a lot of startups are trying their best to build out, you know, a community that they own as well. It is very delicate.

So I think community building is really important. Whether that's through slack community newsletter Facebook groups and how do you really get those people to be excited about your brand to talk about things related to the brand and things related to the brand as well?

Yeah, yeah, many, many good things. Yes. Cool.

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