This is magic! Why our own stories are the best teachers that we have

👉 Your story matters! Have this mindset no matter what people say to you

👉 There will be people on the planet who resonate and learn from your story

👉 What is the lesson to learn from your story?

👉 Stories are the best teachers that give lessons

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There are many people out there, I think, who have a story, but they think, well, it's not like this story, so it is not that big and that emotional it is much smaller.

And what advice would you give to these people when they're when they don't want to share it with other people, you know? And so I'm going to say if people don't want to share it, that's on them. I'm gonna give that piece. But I think there's a lot of people who think that their stories don't matter.

I think that's the root of what I really want to address. If that's okay, I think there's a lot of people who are like oh, my story is not that important it's not that big. It's just something that happened to me. It's not as profound, you know, and here's the reality, and that's why I say that exact statement when I talk about my story, mine is very big.

It is extremely unique. But whether you are suffering from a divorce, financial loss, it doesn't have to be a physical trauma. It doesn't even have to be trauma.

It could literally be a struggle and a story and ways that you overcame. The reality of it is, is we can all learn from our collective stories, and there will, no matter what, be people on this planet that will be able to identify or relate to your story in some way.

Now there's not. A lot of people can relate to getting a limb completely ripped off. But what I've learned from it and the other pieces on a journey or what people connect to not the actual story, right, because that's what's important is one of the lessons that we can become aware of from our stories.

And then how do we become intentional? How do we put them into our lives? And the reality of it is, I think, that stories are some of the best teachers we have.

When I'm on stage, when I talk about content, you've been consuming some of the content I've been putting out recently. I tell stories, right? I don't give seven steps systems I don't give like five steps to success like there are pieces of that ingrained in what I do, but it's stories that teach lessons more powerfully than almost anything else, so I would just encourage people who think that their story isn't worthy. Their story isn't good enough. It's not that big of a deal.

If it was a big deal to you, it's gonna be a big deal to somebody else. And so don't worry about the comparison factor. Focus more on how do I learn and grow and help others learn and grow. From what I've been, that's the important piece.

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