The truth about showing yourself vulnerable

Beck Power, the host of the Amplify Content podcast, interviewed me about content marketing and how to build trust in a digital world. You can watch a short video snippet from our conversation.

👉 Think about the struggles that you and your target audience share

👉 Include the story of your struggle and how you overcome it into your content

👉 Showing yourself vulnerable is a strength

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And like, when I know exactly what you mean, right? Like telling, clients, for example.

Okay, well, yeah, you have this great offer, but stop with this crappy content that's all about you and start making it about the clients, do you have any difficulty trying to get your clients to see things from that point of view?

Yes, of course, all the time. So at the beginning is always like tension. So you have to convince them almost that they have to create content that has nothing to do with them.

So forget all about this hero marketing, so I am the best. I'm the biggest. I'm the strongest. So, tell stories that are related to your target audience that makes maybe you also vulnerable so that you show weakness. That's also fine.

If it's included in your content strategy, this is totally fine. But many struggle with this.

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