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That's it. That's it. We're done. You that is everything that you and I are doing.

And it works so well, I call it my relationship flywheel, right. Like to me. So by the way, that's my service.

I'm executing that for myself. I'm about to start executing it the way that I executed for clients. Right. But like, I've been doing this right, one person to person and, like, get, you know, I'm a fanatical networker. So it's like I got to know you. Oh, I introduce you to this person, right? Like now, for the last, like, two years I've been doing it on zoom, recording it, chopping it up, and then, you know, same exact thing, man. What?

Like when I would be at a networking event, pre covid and I'd be in a conversation, somebody says something smart, step to the side of me, and I'd be like, so I'm over here with this person, and you just said cyber hygiene. What does that mean?

You know, and they say, and then I just post that two-minute clip on LinkedIn like I just met this person they're awesome, like yeah, right. That's the thing.

Yeah. Yeah. So, like, so now I've designed a whole methodology to execute this as a service that I have been, you know, implementing very deliberately for this $160 million real estate investment fund that's been on the front page of the wall street journal a couple of times.

And, you know, see, this is the core concept, right? But you take inventory of yourself to know who they're trying to serve and who their clientele is. And, like, what else do their clients will want to know about, right? Like, what else do they care about?

Apart from investing in real estate, right? Maybe taxes. How to yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So correct. We've had a tax strategist on.

Yeah, we've had a bunch of clients come on to talk about why, you know, like, they're investing philosophy, but not talk about us, right? Like not like, hey, you know, like, what do you think about us? It's more like so, like, how do you invest? What do you think about when you're growing wealth? You know, as you interview about them, and we make it a live show, right? So, like we do this, but it's a zoom webinar with an audience that I'm moderating, taking questions from the audience while we're interviewing this person with the co-founder of the company.

And, you know, as you can imagine, I'm making tons, so we do it twice a week, and we're and we're and the long-form is the not your average investor show on youtube that's fully branded.

The 10 best minutes of it is the golden nugget. From this person that we put on youtube, we make 5 to 7, you know, best like ah-ha moments were back and forth with fully branded headline teaser flying. You know, captions.

We make five questions and answers where I'm like saying the person's name like, oh, the bill wants to ask Ken Rosenthal. Question. It's this.

So we tag them and like we make them part of the audience. Kind of like Gary Vee does. He shows people asking him questions, so people want to make it onto Gary Vee's stream, which I've done a couple of times. Cool! How?

Bye going somewhere he's speaking, bro. Dude, if you go to the Gary Vee event, and you have a smart question.

You know, he's gonna do q & a. That's all he does. So, like, you just line up by the mic, and boom all of a sudden, you and drock are on camera, bro. You know, like it's awesome.

Drock our hero. Oh, by the way, every time I go, I'm like drock. What's up, man? I appreciate what you do. And being kind to the gatekeeper.

Also facilitates the equation you when he knows your face. Yeah, that's the game. Yeah. Yeah. So now so drock knows me like I was like, good to see you again. Do you know what I mean?

Or at least he did in February when I last saw them and then Gary off and then, you know like I've had a couple of one on ones with Gary for, like, 15 seconds a minute and a half like the best you could do.

And now I realized every time I'm with him, I'm just gonna turn on the camera like Gary Gary, alright, dude, tell me about this, you know because he plays into it. So now I have, like, a couple of good back and forth.

I have some, like, good video of me talking to him on stage. And it is very like, you know, credibility building. That's cool.

That's cool. You have to send me the link to it. Where can I watch it? You know, man, I have under published that I need to make, like, a compilation.

Me and my boy go, you know? Yeah, you're right. You're right. Thank you.

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