The big shift in marketing

👉 Embed marketing into a matrix organization and work across different teams

👉 Marketing as an organization becomes more involved in the product development, research, and engineer team

Tai Tran is a Forbes contributor, worked for Apple, and is the head of marketing of the Saas company Matter. He is also co-founder and president of the Close the Gap foundation which helps low-income students reach their fullest potential and live a fulfilling life.

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So this is one question that I wanted to ask you. So is that do you have a topic that you never spoke about in a podcast or an interview and you would love to speak about or just maybe it's a statement or something that you truly want to share with the world.

Is there something? Oh, that's a tough one, because yeah, I'm trying just come through, like all of the conversations I've had when it comes to marketing and thinking about where that comes to be. And I would say that the biggest I would say something that I haven't shared a lot is thinking about marketing.

Especially from a startup context is that marketing can't just live in our own bubble of just creating content. Marketing needs to be embedded in a cross-functional way.

Your typical marketing person now can't just be a nontechnical person that just writes content. But sometimes, especially in my world, where it's in a technology company, you have to be able to interact with engineers, product designers, and you also have to be able to interact.

If you're a bigger company. You may have to interact with your legal counterpart or your financial accountant and your controller. And, yeah, so sales team as well, right? I think for me like, all these important aspects of it is because your traditional marketing person will always have to work with sales at the end of the day.

But they rarely maybe work with the product team, right? If you think about it like, a lot of time marketing has to tell stories. Build a brand around a product, right? And sometimes they were the people that built the product, right? It's another team that does it.

So how do you embed marketing inside a very, I would say, a matrix organization, even a startup, I would say. Even as a startup of 20 people, it's incredibly asked matrix as an organization of 30,000 people, right? Where, as in the 30,000 organization at Apple, where you have one person doing one particular task very specialized at a startup, you have one person who does 10 things, but you don't know which of those 20 people did one of those 10 things that you need from right, so a lot of it is. How do you work across teams? And I think for me, is that marketing I know that a lot of people have been talking about how CMOS are now becoming CRO like chief revenue officer.

One thing that I haven't really seen a lot is how marketing I see a lot of product marketers are now becoming product managers, right? So I've been seeing that marketing as an organization is now becoming more technical and more involved in the product research process, but also along the way, supporting the product and engineering team very closely as well. So it's no longer just marketing, always tie-up with pr and sales. But now marketing is also working together very closely with engineering and products well, which is a good thing, right, which is a good thing. I think that that's kind of the glue in any organization.

If you have the product manager who really lied a lot of the engineering and product building effort, the product marking person under marketing is leading a lot of those go to market strategy but also working with their legal and pr counterpart right to make sure that. Hey, when we announce this product, we're not going to get a pr nightmare or legal complications.

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