The BEST way to generate trust in a digital world

Beck Power, the host of the Amplify Content podcast, interviewed me about content marketing and how to build trust in a digital world. You can watch a short video snippet from our conversation.

👉 Create video content that shows you and your interview partner adding value to your community

👉 Many people are forced to stay home and go online! So, they have to decide if they trust you or not based on videos, audios, and articles that you published.

👉 Make sure that you solve the problems of your target audience

👉 Go watch some of Brian Bogert’s videos on his channel! He creates amazing videos!

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And do you think there's like in terms of finding that balance to build trust online? Is there a like process that you use to help people decide what they should do, like what type of content they should produce?

It comes down to your target audience. That's always the thing. But I recommend video. I mean these days. I mean, through corona.

Many people are forced to stay at home, so they are surfing online and many more businesses going online, and many people are not sure. Can I trust this person?

Who is this person? Can I trust him or her? And I trust somebody when I see him or her. So I would recommend starting with video and video is for many people.

Many people are scared to stay in front of a camera and to speak. But I think in the long term if you can, if you can train your video skills in front of a camera, this is the best thing that you can do in my opinion.

And that's also what I always recommend. But some do it some don't, which is fine. I feel a little bit strange when I say video is a trend because I already started 10 years ago.

So my first job in a tv station, it was 2009 and I realized there already. Okay, I must be good in front of a camera. This was a must for me, and since then, I’m practicing it.

It's not perfect, but I’m becoming better. And that's the most important lesson. Also for the people who are watching this. You become better when you do it.

That's the most important thing to remember. Yeah, there are so many times in, like, different situations in life where we're looking at doing something and we're thinking about it and we're waiting and you can't really?

Most of the time you can't get good at something unless you actually do it. No matter how many books you read about making videos or how many TikTok videos you watch or whatever like until you practice and you put something out there, that's when you start to like things have to start.

Yes, I really believe in the iterative process so that you do and improve during the process that's the key. It will be not perfect and there will be bad videos. So I interviewed Brian Bogert, whose a high-performance coach from the from us. And he's doing really good videos. And he said, sometimes I also mess with my videos. So and when he said this, then nobody has an excuse.

Everybody should stand in front of a camera and practice this skill because it's learnable. It's like, yeah, it's like, a hobby.

You have to train it, you have to do it often and again and again and then you will improve.

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