Number one reason why you need to produce content as a business owner

This is a short interview where Adam Araujo interviewed me about content marketing. Questions that he asked me:

  • Number one reason why you need to produce content as a business owner

  • How to monetize your knowledge?

  • How to create extra revenue?

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What is the number one reason why companies should invest their time and money in putting content? I mean, I know we kind of touched on it a little bit, but, um, I feel this is a bigger topic than then. Just a little bit of what we touched on.

So if a company wants to, create digital revenue so it doesn't matter if you create physical products or not, or just have a consulting business, you can monetize in my opinion everything you want.

So it's important that you create content and think about a business model. So that's the number one thing that you have to focus on because otherwise, you will be out of business.

That's very sad. But that's today the reality because many companies or many at c-level they still think, well, digital business models. That's not our thing. We just have physical products.

I am not sure if this is really long term and really healthy to think about this.

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