Marketing lessons from Apple! Interview with Tai Tran

Tai Tran is a Forbes contributor, worked for Apple and is the head of marketing of the Saas company Matter. He is also co-founder and president of the close the gap foundation which helps low-income students reach their fullest potential and live a fulfilling life.

☝️☝️ In my podcast Content Marketing Mastery, we spoke about the following topics and questions☝️☝️

👉 How to become more confident?

👉 Marketing lessons from Apple

👉 How to become a Forbes contributor?

👉 Your content is your portfolio that never sleeps

👉 How to find your niche for Forbes?

👉 Why we need a new feedback culture!

👉 How to change the culture of feedback?

👉 Trends in digital marketing

👉 The big shift in marketing

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Close the gap foundation:


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