How to win trust with direct marketing!

Brian Kurtz is a direct marketer, founder of Titan Marketing and author of the marketing book: Overdeliver!

☝️☝️ In my podcast Content Marketing Mastery, we spoke about the following topics and questions☝️☝️

👉 Difference between direct marketing and marketing

👉 How to come up with content ideas?

👉 How to create content that builds relationships for a lifetime

👉 How to become a great copywriter

👉 What is important about list building?

👉 How to segment your email list

👉 See your email list as your online family

👉 How to start as an entrepreneur with direct marketing

👉 How to create great bonus material for your products

👉 7 characteristics of the world best copywriter

You can find more information about Brian on his website: and also about his book Overdeliver

🎯 Link to the interview in the comments, search Content Marketing Mastery on your favorite podcast app or go to my website: Do you need support with your content marketing strategy? You can book a free consultation here:

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