How to use social selling for your online business! Interview with John Lawson

John Lawson is the “go-to” authority when it comes to online selling success in the Digital Age. He is the bestselling author of “Kickass Social Commerce for Epreneurs” and I had the chance to ask him specific questions about social selling!

☝️☝️ In my podcast Content Marketing Mastery, we spoke about the following topics and questions☝️☝️

👉 What is social selling?

👉 Why selling means helping people

👉 The holy grail in social

👉 How to start with content?

👉 How to monetize your knowledge?

👉 The biggest lessons from Covid-19!

👉 A huge transformation in the business world

👉 If you make something for everybody, nobody cares

👉 Why context is key for your success

👉 Why you need ads to scale your business!

👉 Why failures are part of the game

👉 Trends in social selling

You can find more information about John on his website:

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