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You know, if you want to build your business, you want to every single week take out like your biggest client or the person that you wanna be your client and have, like, a nice dinner with them and have a nice long conversation about their hopes and dreams and what they want to do, right? Okay, so the show becomes that right then the next part is like, after that conversation, you wanna introduce him to all your friends that they could need to talk to, right? So the show, the conversation is the dinner. Plus, you are doing it in front of all your clientele and your and your potential clientele. So you're introducing than at scale.

And then on top of that, you're creating the marketing materials after the conversation that is that now live forever everywhere. So you show up like Gary Vee four times a day on, linked in with value aggregated content sharing, you know, sharing the stage with somebody the same way that you and I are doing it and getting those eyeballs on you, giving them materials to also post for themselves.

And you know, it's frictionless, know- like-trust. Nurture mechanism that just continues to build and build and build and build, but always educating, entertaining, and inspiring your clients out to do business with you.

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