How to monetize your knowledge?

This is a short interview where Adam Araujo interviewed me about content marketing. Questions that he asked me:

  • Number one reason why you need to produce content as a business owner

  • How to monetize your knowledge?

  • How to create extra revenue?

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You touched on monetizing like what do you mean by that? What do you mean by tell me a little bit more about what you mean by monetizing the content? Yeah.

So there are different business models for how you can earn money online. So there's, for example, the freemium model.

Okay, that's a combination of free and premium. This is basically the from software companies. So you have a free version of something that you offer in order to get the attention of your customer.

So for example, skype, skype. There's the free version where you use skype. And there's also skype business.

So you have the software industry. This is very common. So many use this. You have a baseline where you offer your service for free. And then if you want more, more minutes per call or something or you want to record the call, then you need skype business. Where you pay something.

Sure, but you can think about this also, about your own business doesn't matter what kind of business you are. You can offer something, but this can be a free consultation.

30 minutes, 30-minute call where you give just advice or strategic lessons and or a free webinar. And at the end, you you're selling some products or, something a coaching session or something like this.

So this is one business model that you create can create. Yeah. That's a great idea. Yeah. The whole coaching session strategy session. I like that.


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