How to increase your sales without being in the room

Authors or Content Creators have one goal: sell products like books, e-books, or video online courses. But how can you increase your sales without spending more time to get in front of the customer? Jeff Walker and Frank Kern are experts in their field and give answers to this question.

1. Create what people need

Jeff Walker is the guru when it comes to selling online. Through his Product Launch Formula (PLF) he changed the whole game of digital selling. The core strategy is to ask your potential customers through surveys about their needs and their challenges. SurveyMonkey is one tool in order to create free and easy short surveys and send them to your target audience. Ask your audience about their struggles, problems, and wishes for the future. After you identified these three things create your product around them. This is PLF in a nutshell! Create a survey, based on the answers to create your product. This is very smart because you will perfectly fit the needs of your audience. It is not about what you THINK they want, your focus should always be on the real needs of your audience.

2. Offer different formats

Another very important aspect of PLF by Jeff Walker is product creation. You should repackage your message in different formats and offer your audience. When you start with an ebook than you should repackage the message of your e-book into a video online course. After producing the video online course you can also create a webinar series. People like to choose between different formats and also different price points. It is clear that you charge a higher price for the video online course because it means more work for you. Jeff teaches you what is important about the different product formats and how to sell them.

3. Start with E-Mail Marketing

Frank Kern has also a lot of video online courses where he teaches especially copywriting for effective selling. He gives best-practices that you also can use but before starting with the copy you should start first with E-Mail Marketing. So, subscribe to E-Mail Marketing providers like Mailchimp, Aweber or Kajabi. MailChimp is for free and is always a good starting point. There you can learn basics about landing pages and also how to collect Mail addresses, which is key. You should definitely start to collect E-Mail addresses and reach to your audience. For using Aweber you have to pay, but here you have more options and you can also track the click rates of your Mails. The most expensive of the three is Kajabi, which also has the most options. At Kajabi you can also collect money and create your own digital products. If you're fresh in digital marketing I would start with Mailchimp and expand to Aweber and at the end also try Kajabi (that`s the way I did in the past).

4. Pattern interrupt

In one of his video online course where Frank Kern teaches how to create effective videos, one key rule is the interrupt the pattern. What he means with that is that you should do the opposite of what all other people are doing online. So, watch all videos that are produced about your topic; they all have some elements that are common. After identifying these key elements do the complete opposite. This video f.e. by Frank begins with a guitar song and at the beginning, it looks very nostalgic but it is still about marketing. This is not typical for a video about marketing so it is also a good pattern interrupter. In order to get the attention of your audience, you need to implement a pattern interrupter right at the beginning of your video. 

Selling is a skill like driving a car or writing. If you decide to improve your sales skills and also work on it your sales will increase in the long-term. The most important thing is that you have to decide to improve it and learn from other people who already have results in this area. Frank Kern and Jeff Walker are both great teachers and I learned a lot from their courses so will you, too.

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