How to get the attention of journalists?

Do you know how to warm up journalists before you pitch them with an idea? It is important that you first warm them up before pitching with your idea.

Three ideas on how to warm-up journalists:

- Become a contact through LinkedIn with the journalist.

Start to share and comment on articles that they published. When you publish a post and share the link of the article always include an @ and the name of the journalist. They will instantly recognize that you shared their post.

- Ask them if you can interview them for your blog/podcast or quote them for an article that you're going to write.

Being quoted in another publication can be interesting - especially if they regularly create content themselves. Promise to include their website in the article.

- Ask them if you can promote their products.

Journalists oftentimes published books and in recent times also have digital products (ebooks, online courses, or membership sites). Ask if you can promote them within your blog post that you publish on LinkedIn.

Hope this serves and you try them. Most important you have to try it and think long-term. One good relationship with a journalist can change your career in a very positive way.

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