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Right. What I'm selling is this relationship flywheel where you know you go from yeah, talking. You know, like one by one with your clients to, you know, talking one to one. But also talking to a group while also creating all this marketing content while also creating all these relationships and getting all these like iterations and questions and blah, blah, blah. And I implemented for these guys and, you know, that's my service, right? The relationship flywheel implementing that soup to nuts the strategy from like, who you interview in order to serve your client and what you asked them and how you invite your clientele in and how you run the show and repurpose all the content and distribute all of it.

That's my product. So it's like an $8000 a month product. So every client I get is almost $100,000 contract for the year. But there, you know, like right. And right now I'm in, like, full client acquisition mode, because I I could I got to my capacity, right? Like I was servicing these guys.

It's been like, you know, the first win is that he goes from spending 20 hours a week is like, what do I say to this thing? So I don't know, to like spending one hour a week and making shit loads of content, right? Like so they get their time back first, then the existing clientele that did business with you before, no matter how long ago starts coming back around right like that, you reactivate your existing clients.

And that happens within the first. You know, the first three months, both of those winds happen. Then your sales start increasing right, like sales start increasing, and then eventually your order volume, like your cart value increases, right? Like with these guys, we're now setting a record for their highest selling quarter ever, right? And their pipeline is filled to set the next record-breaking quarter next quarter because and their funnel looks upside down there getting fewer leads.

But the leads are converting to like prospects at, like, 2. 5 the times, right, like 250%. And the people that buy are not buying one rental income property.

They're buying two and three at a time because they're not like I want to buy a rental income property like, oh, I have $200,000 for an asset class that is long term and safe, and I'm gonna put that here. How many?

How many properties is that? Do you know? So so, like, that's been the experience. So now i'm like, now that that case study is coming out, I'm getting a lot of attention.

That sounds cool. Really cool, man. It's cool. And I think you can do it too, right? You're already you've already kind of like built up those wheels.

If you add a little bit of strategy, you can serve like that could be a product for you, right? Like it's a great business to business product.

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