How to find your niche for Forbes?

👉 Find your unique spin

👉 What do you care about? What is important for you?

👉 They bring contributors, not in order to be journalists

👉 They want you to have an opinion;

👉 They want a polarizing spectrum

👉 They want people who have practitioner experience in a field who gives own opinions and insights from it;

Tai Tran is a Forbes contributor, worked for Apple, and is the head of marketing of the Saas company Matter. He is also co-founder and president of the Close the Gap foundation which helps low-income students reach their fullest potential and live a fulfilling life.

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When it comes to Forbes article. So how do you find how do you identify the topics or how do you have specific methods about the research and do you have a specific structure when it comes to the article?

So it just to have a feeling how are you and what are the steps that you are going? What are the workflows that you do when you create pieces for Forbes?

So when it comes to Forbes, I would say that you have to pick, your unique spin to what you want to write about. Like when it comes to my personal writing, you have to write something that you care about and you lived like.

If you are writing about a certain product like an industry, then you probably need to love that industry because that means that you not only write about it, but you also follow people in that industry.

Right for me is you gotta find where that is. Is that on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok.

Find where those people like your subject. In a sense, like if you're writing about marketing, then you can't just follow marketers, right? You want to see what the current CMOS are thinking about, right? But at the same time, you will also want to make sure that you also yourself use the product. If you write about social media but refused to use TikTok or Instagram.

Then maybe you shouldn't be writing on that topic, right for me, is that right? In social media, you can't be a skeptic, right? You can't be like I wonder if TikTok will actually still be here in 2021 right?

And so you have to believe that, you know, that's your job. Is that to be a contributor for Forbes? I would say that they bring in contributors not for you to be journalists. They don't want you to be a press released machine. They want you to have an opinion.

Even if that opinion is contrasting with another writer, they want to have that, polarizing spectrum of opinion that TikTok will be a mega success.

Tiktok is failing in these ways, right? I think for me, that's where I really appreciate. The Forbes platform is that they do bring in contributors. That doesn't just cover what's happening because I would say what's happening. You could probably get that from any website because that's just very obvious.

Something has launched or something isn't working. I think the biggest thing is that they bring in people that have practitioner experiences who have worked in some of these roles to give their own insight and opinions on it.

Well informed opinions, right? It's not that oh, I don't like this because I don't like it. But more like, oh, I don't think this will succeed.

Or I think that I can improve this in x, y, and z way based on my past experience, right? I think that's incredible. So for me, I get my inspiration from using products, being in communities that I care about. So if you want to write about entrepreneurs, you probably want to go into product hunt, right? That's where a lot of entrepreneurs launched their latest product, right? And I think being where your community, where you're readers are, it's super important to unearth some of those interesting stories now.

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