How to create extra revenue?

This is a short interview where Adam Araujo interviewed me about content marketing. Questions that he asked me:

  • Number one reason why you need to produce content as a business owner

  • How to monetize your knowledge?

  • How to create extra revenue?

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What are some different ways just of the top of your head that you think someone could monetize it and give, like, I guess, examples on that?

So one great way is a subscription model. So if you're a thought leader like I’m following a lot of Brendon Burchard, and he, for example, has this what's called high-performance high performance monthly live session or something.

So, like a group, yeah, like a group. But you have you you pay a monthly fee like you're going to the gym or like or it's also called it a little bit also like Netflix.

So you're paying for something and you can consume as much as you want. And you have one session each month where he's teaching 90 minutes or 60 minutes and I think 60 minutes, and he's giving value. And also, although answering questions and giving away also presents in his life sessions and things like that, yeah, very interactive and people, they also get the recording. But if you attempt life, you can get more things.

So this is one way how thought leaders, can very fast, I think can also create extra revenue.

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