How to be quoted at Forbes?

If you`re an author, a content creator, or offer some kind of service you should be very strategic about building relationships within the media. This means you have to get in touch with journalists. I`m quoted at Forbes Online by Forbes contributor @Tai Tran in this article:

Some people asked me how I did this so I wanted to share some basic ideas that can also help you to position yourself. The quick answer is: building long-term relationships with editors and contributors and adding more value!

Step 1:

Find the right people who are writing about your topic (I would recommend connecting through LinkedIn with one or two editors that are publishing about a topic that is relevant to you).

Step 2:

Like comment and share their articles consistently (by the way: you should also read the articles!). If you do this on a regular basis they will recognize it and starting to be interested in you.

When you do these two steps like I did the editor will contact you. In my case, Tai Tran the Forbes editor started to chat with me. I told him that I published for Huffington Post and Thrive Global and he asked me if I can send him a quote about publishing. So I got this quote at Forbes Online. Can you do this, too? I bet you can. There is no magic. The most important thing is that you need the focus and make your research who is in charge of your topic. That's it basically. Hope this serves you and soon your name will be quoted at Forbes and other media.

If you need more guidance then feel free to read my new book: Content Millionaire

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