Ever struggled to create content? Listen to this!

Beck Power, the host of the Amplify Content podcast, interviewed me about content marketing and how to build trust in a digital world. You can watch a short video snippet from our conversation.

👉 Don’t overcomplicate the process. It’s very simple.

👉 Choose a topic. Start recording videos about your topic. Get some feedback. Start again!

👉 You don’t have to know all the details about content creation in order to start producing something valuable!

👉 It is better to start instead of being perfect!

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What else do you think they struggle with? I know. My clients, my clients struggle with, like, thinking that they're posting too often or worrying that their content isn't perfect. Do you have other issues that you have encountered?

They think after one month, producing two podcasts, it has they have to find a sponsor, for example. It has... Yeah, or they're posting one.

They're posting one video, and they're thinking, this is not going viral. Why? It looks like that. So I think you have to be.

It's like a skill. That, and you have to. And the weird thing is, when it comes to digital skills, everybody thinks it's like in the matrix that you put a stick USB stick and then you have all the knowledge, all the experience.

But you have to train people. You have to train yourself. Also for these digital skills. That's the important thing. And many don't realize this, but it takes effort and it takes time.

Yeah, it takes time. It takes effort. It takes failing. You know people, people wanna look good online. You know, everyone's posting their yachts and Lambos and stuff like that or, you know, they're perfect family or whatever it is. And everybody wants to look good and to look, I think sometimes do you know, like, you know, when people go the opposite direction, you know, everybody looks really good. Usually. And then some people, they're like, oh, I have to look vulnerable.

And I have to look like people should trust me and love me and like, you feel closer to me. So I’m going to share something. But then they go, like, too far, like overshare another direction. And it's like, oh, god, that was way too much information.

Yeah. I feel like people need to find a balance in the middle, not showing off some fake stuff, not over-sharing.

You need to find something in the middle. Yes, absolutely. I think it's a yin and yang. So you have to find the balance between both. Think of it as a diary.

You don't have to share 100% of the things that you are writing down in your diary. So maybe 80% is enough. Keep some secrets.

Yeah, keep it. Yeah,

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