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Beck Power, the host of the Amplify Content podcast, interviewed me about content marketing and how to build trust in a digital world. You can watch a short video snippet from our conversation.

👉 In my opinion, a podcast is a great way to earn trust in your marketplace!

👉 Interview guests and learn more about their wishes and goals so that you create perfect offers for them!

👉 Record the interview with zoom so that you can use video and audio for your own social media channels;

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Awesome so for people who are starting out with their content. Or maybe they're just they've been in business a long time, but they haven't really. They know they should be doing more content.

What are your tips for them if they're feeling like, oh, holy crap? There's just so much to do. So if they didn't start yet right?

If they're starting out with content, okay, yeah, I would start with a podcast, so this would be the easiest. So if you if you're starting out because of the podcast, it's the easiest to produce because you can record like this zoom call.

You can take the audio and you can publish it on your podcast host. And you already have one episode. So this is a very good starting point podcast because you get you, you get in connection with like-minded people.

You speak with them, you interview them and maybe they'll become your clients because, I mean, you're spending one hour very close asking questions and then recording this and publishing it.

So maybe they also become your dream clients. You never know. So this would be my advice that you start your own podcast related to your business. So if you, for example, if you I mean my podcast is content marketing mastery. So I’m focusing on the area of content marketing because that's my area. But you can focus on your area and start your own podcast.

That's a great thing. Yeah, and for people I know in those types of groups where people say, I’m thinking about starting a podcast and then there waiting, like, six months, you know? And they want to get their podcast art and they wanna hire, audio editor.

And they need to find out. You know how sponsorship works and which platform they should host on. There's a lot. I mean, listen, there's a lot of questions when you're starting out.

And you and I can go, we could start a podcast in one minute. You know, it's, really easy to do. You just get grab an app, record yourself.

Push published. But some people want to overthink that do you have any advice for them? Yeah, just do it. I mean, just instead of listening to this episode start your own podcast would be my advice.

I mean there's also something that Gary Vee says in some of his speeches. You say to me you don't have the time to create content, but you're listening to one hour of my speech!

Stop listening and start to create content yourself. So it's always, I think, yes, you have to know.

You have to have some guidance, but don't overcomplicate things. So you need a mic. You need some recording tools, you need a podcast host, and then you can start.

That's it basically. And your mic can just be your iPhone mic. Yes, definitely. Absolutely. I mean, Zoom is exploding.

Use zoom for, for the call, for the recording, and then you have interaction because you don't can you can do a solo show where you just as one person speaks to the mic, or you can do an interview format like we're doing.

Yeah. I mean, I did this little Facebook post one time. That was like how to start a podcast in one minute.

Get this. Get your phone. Get the anchor app. Push record. Say something.

Push publish. You have done your first episode stop the way like it's that's it. So now you have the podcast. It's already up and you have to wait until, like, and usually you can say like, hey, my name is beck and I’m starting this podcast that's on content marketing because I have this agency and I really love content. And I want to share with you the best way to create content.

So you can expect me to post once a week either an interview or just with may, but giving you tips about, you know, posting better social media content. Okay, I’ll see you next week.

Boom. It's, yeah, exactly. And I think we've because we see so much stuff online, we lose the action, right? We lose our action.

It's like, oh, well, yeah, I know I need to do the podcast, but I’m just gonna watch a few more videos and, it's your right. It can be done so quickly, and podcasts are a great way to get started. What? I know you have your podcast. What's it called again?

Content marketing mastery. Cool. Well, anyone listening should go check that out

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