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I heard the first time from TikTok in Gary Vaynerchuk’s podcast. Since then I ask influencer about their content strategy. This time Maayan Gordon — Social Media Consultant and TikTok Expert — gave me some strategies. Her account @worldofglass has more than 1.7 Million Followers. I had the chance to ask her some questions about her content strategy.

How do you grow on TikTok?

The TikTok algorithm is super sensitive to how often your posting so set a goal for the exact number of posts you want to do every day and then stick to that number no matter what. Even if the videos aren’t perfect you will still be progressing as long as you’re giving your full energy you have at that time towards it. Also, I think it’s important to post every single day no days off. Don’t romance yourself into the idea that you’re going to make a “PERFECT’ post! That’s so rare you should be focusing more on the elements that make your content valuable and engaging.

How do you come up with content ideas?

Follow other popular creators to get an idea of what they are doing that works and also be able to stay up on any trends that are going through the app.

Experiment! You won’t know your audience until you test out different types of content and styles of posts. If you get a creative idea don’t be afraid to try it out.

Do you have experience with TikTok ads?

TikTok is still in the beta version of ads but they are working to improve it. Here is a guideline that I created that everybody can download and gives a good overview what kind of ads TikTok offers.

If you would start from scratch on TikTok how would you start?

Here’s a great strategy to implement: Set a time limit of 10 minutes for you to create a post. When your timer goes off, post the content — no matter what! This will help you stick to your posting goals and you’ll learn some things you never even though you would by posting videos you don’t think are ideal. Here are some more learnings from my experience:

  • Be consistent with your posting! You have to post at the very least once every single day but ideally 3–5 times per day.

  • Write a caption that drives engagement. Make sure that your caption adds some type of value to your post.

  • Try shorter videos. 10 to 15 seconds seems to be that feeling for creating videos that people will watch the entire length of.

  • Respond to comments! This helps drive more engagement and also what’s your followers know that you care.

  • Create a hypothesis for every post. Test out different theories with your content and analyze all your results.

Can you mention a case study on TikTok that is doing a good job?

Check out @sidehustlepro on TikTok and see how they are crushing it with a super simple content structure and show how easy it is to create financial or business content on TikTok. They are just filming their laptop screen with their phone. The production quality is not great and they still have built up 200,000+ followers and are educating their audience to build trust and loyalty! Also would like to point out the clever use of call to actions! I believe that this could be highly effective on the platform.

Thank you very much!

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