Better than pictures, but cheaper than video!

I know what you think - ‚What is this guy talking about?‘ What I mean are GIFs! Graphics Interchange Formats that are very popular especially in social media. So, how often do you use GIFs on a daily or weekly basis? Let me guess, not more than five times a week? So, the reasons why you should use GIFs much more are:

1. Cheaper and faster than video

Video is still the number one focus, but guess what? It is expensive! Professional video production is time-consuming and expensive. So, GIFs are a cheaper alternative for companies who don't have yet the budget for a video crew. It is not only cheaper but also faster to create! 

2. Easy to consume

I don't know what you think, but I really enjoy good GIFs. They are fun to watch and if you do a good job also educate your audience. People really like to consume them, if you do a good job. So, here are some tools that you should have in mind when you want to create GIFs.

How to create your own GIFs?

I am a big fan of because you can directly download GIFs easily for your own presentation and also upload videos and create your own GIFs. It is easy and very mobile friendly (By the way, I highly recommend the GIPHY App):


I also used Memes, which is another version how to use already created GIFs for your own. It is good for beginners, but I think GIPHY is the better version. The cool thing with Memes is the community approach; you can use Memes like a Social Media Account and get a following with your posts:


If you have your own Photoshop license you can easily create your own GIFs with photoshop. There are two possibilities. Version 1: You already recorded a video f.e. on your smartphone and you want to create a video snippet. Then watch this video here: Version 2: You create your GIF from scratch and use Photoshop for creating several pictures and combining them to a GIF. Then watch this second video here:

I hope this serves and you start creating your first GIF today. Always remember: It is all about execution, not what you know! If you do it once, chances are high you will do it again. So, start today and become a content machine :)

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