An important announcement: Why everything begins and ends with you

👉 The good and the bad things

👉 Shift mentality from a victim to ownership

👉 We can all be our own savior

👉 Do I blame other people or situations?

👉 Ask yourself: Am I my own savior? If not, how do you become your own savior?

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It's this idea of, and I've said this for a long time, the terminology is now changing. I think everything begins and ends with you, right?

And so when we realize that we realize that the good things that happened to us and the bad things that happened to us begin and end with us as well. So it's this concept of shifting from the victim mentality to the ownership and accountability mentality.

Right? And so many people have been like, how did you move through what you've done? I talked about it like I learned not to get stuck by what happened to me, but instead get moved by what I could do with it.

And so the reality of it is like this. This concept that I'm playing with is that we all have the ability to be our own savior. Right?

We don't need to rely on somebody else to pick us up. We don't need to rely on somebody else to pull us along. Like if we actually center and really connect with the fact that we are our own saviors, we can and will be our own saviors.

Then we are the ones who are gonna be responsible for the outcomes in our life. Good, bad, or indifferent. And so I would just ask anybody who's listening today to really take tall on your life. And look at. Hey, am I in a victim mentality? Do I place blame on other people for where I'm at? What's happening? Do I feel like life is fate and it's just happening to me?

Or do I feel like I can influence control that? And once you have the answer to that question, then you apply the lens of okay, what if I was my own savior?

What if I was my own savior? What would I be able to do if I could fix these problems? If I could put myself in the best position to succeed? That's what I wanna leave people with.

Are you in your own savior? And if you're not, how do you become it?

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