29 Lessons from the World's Best Marketers Part 6

In Josh Steimle’s great book “Chief Marketing Officers at Work” he interviewed 29 CMO’s about their habits, their thoughts, and strategies about marketing in the modern world.

Lesson Number 6: Use a framework and measure your goals

Kraig Swensrud, CMO of Campaign Monitor uses a management framework in order to measure if the organization and the marketing department are successful or not. This is something that not only the marketing department, but the whole company can use:

Management framework - VVMOM:

  • V: Vision: Defines where we want to go as a company

  • V: Values: What are common values that we share together?

  • M: Methods: Exact tactics that we plan to execute this year, quarter, month

  • O: Obstacles: Think through what might keep you from achieving the goals?

  • M: Measures: How do we know if we have achieved our goals or not?

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