29 Lessons from the World's Best Marketers

In Josh Steimle’s great book “Chief Marketing Officers at Work” he interviewed 29 CMO’s about their habits, their thoughts, and strategies about marketing in the modern world.

Lesson Number 1: Centralization creates clarity - but it is all about mixture!

This is great advice from Seth Farbman, CMO of Spotify, whose focus is the global marketing strategy of Spotify across over sixty countries. As a global brand, it is essential that you know what you stand for, what your products mean to people’s lives, and that you communicate this consistently. But in the case of Spotify, it is not only centralization, because music is a very local topic. This means that the marketing strategy involves local labels and licensing and that local marketing teams must support your vision. It is a Yin-Yang between centralization and decentralization of marketing strategies.

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